Autopilot Content Creation: Say Hello to AI-Generated Titles for Long Posts!

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Zach Hawtof
December 13, 2023

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We can finally use the GenAI sparkles emoji: ~ Hello AI titles ~

We heard your teams were looking to autopilot content creation, so we took the step of adding AI-generated titles for content greater than 70 characters. Any post long enough will now generate a title, but don’t worry you can always edit the title with our Edit Post Shortcut.

We’d love to hear what else you want to see out of AI titles. Some of our thoughts include: adding your SEO keywords you’d like to prioritize, creating different AI prompts per feed type, and updating the URL slug with AI as well. Let us know which you want to see in the comments!

  • Avatar of Derek Koch

    Love it. Keep the good stuff coming!

    One thought/suggestion - I would love to pipe these updates right into #community-feedback in The Seeker community (copy and paste!). Easy to roll out to users, adds some content and engagement (promotes TightKnit and Seeker usage).

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    Derek Koch we can do that with our new RSS feeds feature. I’ll go ahead and add it for you!

  • Avatar of Derek Koch

    That is mighty nice of you, Zach. Always appreciate the TightKnit “above and beyond” culture.