Exciting Events in Slack for Tightknit Community

📆 Events in Slack are here! And we’re excited to bring them to the Tightknit Community.

As part of our most recent changelog, you’ll now see Events are becoming a first-class operator within this Slack community. Want it yours? Reach out and we would love to add you to our active pilot.

In the meantime, we believe in eating our own 🐕 dogfood 🍖 so we’ll be hosting events that our team is putting on but also yours! If you have an event you would like to post within this community, please let us know and we’ll include you in our list of Tightknit Champions.

Looking forward to continuing to build this community into a resource for community leaders. It’s a learning process as we build the product but we’re excited to take it further with all of you! Feedback is always welcome.