Feedback from external users

Some feedback I’m getting as we’re pushing out our TightKnit pages to the socials. I solicited this feedback from a contact…and they seemed confused about how to interact.

Feels like joining Slack to comment is too high a bar in some cases…having the ability to just quickly leave a comment would generate more activity? Would love to see that pipe back through to the Slack channel so the user is notified.

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    It’s a great idea. Portals for external users would unlock a lot of value for bringing content into the community. We’ll make sure you’re one of the first to know Derek.

    Not sure if you were able to connect with Dave but it would be great to know what are the barriers for joining the Slack community. We have our guesses but would love to learn more as you run across this Derek Koch.

    Thanks for the feedback 🤘