Option to Choose Between Title Case or Sentence Case for Post Titles

One suggestion, allow for post titles to either be Title Case or Sentence case -- while I know you can change a post title after the fact, our style is more Sentence than Title.

  • Avatar of Stephen Cook

    Good point! We could use the feed type to inform this too:
    Discussion --> sentence case
    Blogs --> title case

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    Stephen Cook I think we should just give customers more flexibility on the AI prompt with strong defaults. We don鈥檛 know if everyone will want this

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    Stephen made a good point to me that my suggestion opens up a big can of worms (classic CTO being the reasonable one!). We might hold off on opening the AI prompting till later.

    Scott Baldwin would announcements also be in sentence case? Could you give us an example of a title you would use for a discussion?

  • Avatar of Scott Baldwin

    I'd prefer a choice that we make for all regardless of type. Headings get handled in X way based on our setting.