Blocking IP Addresses of Sanctioned Countries: Tightknit Feature Query

Does Tightknit offer a way to block at the IP level certain sanctioned countries?

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    We do not have anything like this yet. Let me create a backlog ticket.

    We would use the standard lists that Cloudflare provides if that鈥檚 okay as it likely wouldn鈥檛 be configurable.

  • Avatar of Scott Baldwin

    That could potentially work, though I would want that to be unique to our domain vs. shared across communities

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    I agree. I wonder if it鈥檚 possible for us to set up a reverse proxy with your team鈥檚 Cloudflare so that you have the access controls to configure your own settings. That would be the ideal state I imagine for your CISO team.

    It鈥檚 a good request and definitely something that uplevels our security posture