Feedback needed on new profile settings UX: Featured Profile Field visibility options

:hello-otter: Hi, looking for some feedback on UX around new profile settings. We are in the process of adding a "Featured Profile Field", which is displayed prominently on user profile previews and in the user profile page header on the companion site.

The question involves validating the admin's selected settings. In the profile fields modal, we currently have the ability to configure Public vs Restricted field. We're adding a new dropdown selector to choose one of the fields as the featured field. This featured field must be public, so do we...
1. Require the featured field to already be in the Public fields list, otherwise show an error
2. Automatically convert the chosen featured field to be public, regardless of if the user has already put it in the Public fields list or not
Option 1 ensures the admin understands the visibility implications of the featured field, whereas Option 2 is smoother.

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    Scott Baldwin
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    Iโ€™d go with 1๏ธโƒฃ require the field to be in the public list.