Potential Issue with Slack Embed Auth Flow: 'View in Slack' Button Redirects to Login, possibly troubling non-members

Hey - just been trying out the embed. For folks who aren’t members already, then you kind of get stuck if you click on the ‘View in Slack’ button as that auth flow seems to assume you already have a login. Not sure if you’re able to send folks to a flow with an option to Join in addition to sign up? I appreciate this is more on Slack’s side

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    Spot on Gareth Wilson, I lay awake at night thinking about all of the hoops that Slack makes us jump through to get this right 😵‍💫

    Here’s what I have been thinking about a user flow for now:
    1. Create an additional popup dialog
    2. Ask the user, are you a member of X workspace? Give them 2 options, sign up or continue
    3. If sign up it goes to the Slack Invite Link (or whatever your CTA button has been set to)
    4. If continue we carry on as usual with the Slack permalink in a separate tab

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    In the future when we have auth/portals, we’ll know if a user is already a member and can skip this whole flow.

    But for unauth use cases, this might be the best for now. We could potentially store a cookie to “save your decision” so that you don’t need to press every time.

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    yeah I think that would work, especially if your choice could be saved - potential then change it inline for future, too. Although I guess you’d need to enable some way to clear that somehow if they later did signup…

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    Although I guess you’d need to enable some way to clear that somehow if they later did signup…
    We would only save for continue. No need to save decision for sign up as in theory it should be a one time action.

    FYI Stephen Cook Adding this to our backlog.

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    ah, good point

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    I like that potential flow Zach Hawtof and cookies would be helpful so folks can avoid repeating.