Discrepancy in Slack Community Member Count: Tightknit vs. Actual Numbers

Why would the number of members in our Slack community vary between what is shown in Tightknit and the actual number? Here's what I'm seeing:

• Tightknit: 439
• Slack: 447

If I remove deactivated accounts I get a slightly closer number in Slack of 437.

Also looks like Tightknit might be including members across all account types including Invited which kind of skews the number actually in the community.

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    Good question Scott Baldwin. Let me explore with Stephen and get back to you on what that could be.

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    Hey Scott,
    The technical explanation is that Slack unfortunately doesn't give direct access to their official member count, but rather forces apps to approximate this based on the number of users in the original #general channel (you might have changed this name), which all users are required to join.

    So you're right, there might be a discrepancy there around invited users. But I'm also thinking it includes any bot users that are in the channel.

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    OK, thanks for the insight.

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    Scott Baldwin We are making a note to add this to our docs at least to explain it more succinctly because it could be more clear