Randomizing Usernames for Community Privacy on Companion Site

🖐️🏻 Question: If our community is made up of consumers, is it possible if we can randomize their username on the companion site so that there is more privacy? They might be sharing more personal info about themselves and while we might want the answers to be public, we don't necessarily want to tie it to a first & last name + headshot.

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    Yes certainly possible. It’s a setting that’s configurable on our end but the options include:
    • Full Name,
    • First Name + Last Initial
    • Slack UserID

    Here’s an example of the last one

  • Avatar of Janet Lee

    🙏🏻 no rush - but when you get the chance, can you:

    1. turn it on to be Slack UserID on the public site?
    2. grab the new logo that I had updated onto Slack but it wasn't pushed to companion site.

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    1. Done
    2. Could you send me your logo here? I’m not in your Slack and therefore cannot grab it 🙂