Introducing Evangeline: Content Marketer, Copywriter & GEN AI Enthusiast

Hey everyone! My name is Evangeline — recently met Zach at a cool new coworking spot I joined, and he’s actually got me on Slack and joining a bunch of communities. YAY!

A bit about me:

🐨 Originally from Adelaide, Australia
💻 13 years in the beauty industry as a content marketer and copywriter
💄 Started my career with a blog which I grew to a reach of 1.2 Million.
👀 Have a start up called GENERATION which leverages Generative AI for branding and content (CPG & Beauty focused)

Which leads me to:

Not yet a community builder, but doing a lot in the GEN AI space and wanting to start holding monthly salons and talks around the space.

If anything sounds interesting would love to connect.