Nicole: Entrepreneur Building AI Startups at Campus Founders, Germany

Hi everyone! I'm Nicole and it's nice to be here
🌎 I'm currently based in Heilbronn, Germany 🇩🇪 but I'm originally from the U.S.
👩‍💻 Building a community of entrepreneurs at Campus Founders, a startup hub focused on building AI startups
🧶 You should see my Slack desktop - so many communities! Currently loving the Led by Community and Talkbase Friends Community

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    Welcome to the community Nicole Long!

    Tell us more about your community. Is it just Europe-focused leaders or are all US-based folks able to join?

  • Avatar of Nicole Long

    Everyone in the entrepreneurship and co-innovation space are able to join our community - although most of our activities & events happen on-site in Heilbronn. Our slack space is very international, however 🙂

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    Hi Nicole, curious what Led by Community is? Is it open to join?

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    Francisco Opazo Runs the community. You can join here: