New Landing Pages: Dazzle, Convert and Boost Your Community Brand

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Zach Hawtof
January 16, 2024

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Tightknit Homepage.png

馃洭 Landing Pages that Dazzle and Convert

We have completely reinvented our home page with new components to show off your community activity and unique brand.

Here are the details of our update:

馃巼 Header Image: Our new banner image helps your community brand pop. It鈥檚 our first touch of many content-focused touches to make your brand shine through. At this point our recommendation is 827w x 192h for size, webp format for responsiveness (Here鈥檚 an online converter to help), and if you need a design tool go no further than Canva (we鈥檙e fans!).

馃寚 Community Description: We now allow you to add a top-level community description. Give your community an introduction so members know what your community is for and why they should consider joining. Soon we鈥檒l use this description to power better SEO for your site and leverage it with AI to better understand your customer鈥檚 onboarding.

馃弳 Mini-Leaderboard: Your top 5 customers are now on the front page alongside their aggregated posts+comments score.

馃搵 Feed List and Descriptions: Introduce your communities unique channels and purposes.

Let us know what you think! And as always, we鈥檇 love your comments on how we can make this experience even better for you and your community.

[Learn more in docs]

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    Mark Donne tomorrow let鈥檚 chat about how we can add some more flair to TheSeeker community

  • Avatar of Mark Donne

    Sounds interesting to me, what would you consider flair to be?

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof

    Banner image is what I鈥檓 mostly thinking. Something to help push the community page further

  • Avatar of Mark Donne

    Sounds good to me, I鈥檓 sure there are some other items that will pop up when we chat