Self-Service Surge: Empower Tightknit Community Admins with New Updates and Improvements

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Stephen Cook
November 13, 2023

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🌊 Self-Service Surge

With great power comes great responsibility.
- The Tightknit Team, probably
We're putting more power in the hands of our Tightknit community admins! Now, you no longer have to call up Zach Hawtof in the middle of the night to update your site (despite how much he loves those calls). Check out the updated app home page for options to configure:
Community details: name, slug
Community settings: quiet mode, CTA button
Integrations: Google Tag Manager
Member UI Settings: directory display limit
Profile Fields
Allowed Bot Profiles
Feeds: create new feeds, update a feed's name/slug
• ...and more!

Other Improvements/Fixes:
• Names of BOT users are always displayed in full
• Slack icon added to the CTA button
• Feeds can now be “unlisted” -- the feed and its posts do not appear in the nav menu or in any aggregate feeds and are not indexed for SEO, but you can still view it via direct URL