Tightknit Companion Site Update - June 21, 2024

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Tightknit Release Notes (June 21, 2024)

Finer Profile Field Controls
You now have two ways display profile fields for members on your companion site. Each field can either be "Public" or "Restricted to Members".

Public fields are shown to all visitors of the site. Fields that are Restricted to Members will display "πŸ”’ Restricted to Members" for the field value to all visitors of the site, except for authenticated users (coming soon). Fields that are not designated in either category will not appear on the companion site at all.

β€’ When an Event is completed, a reminder is sent to the event owner to add a recap, and the Event announcement message(s) are updated to remove registration buttons
β€’ Added option to send notification DM to all event participants when a recap is added
β€’ The "About" section of a user's profile is no longer shown if no profile fields are synced to the companion site
β€’ Changed default event registration button text from βœ… I'm interested to βœ… Register
β€’ Improved sitemap for events on companion site
β€’ Now, when a user first installs the app, we create the Community automatically to reduce onboarding time

β€’ Fixed Events page layout bug on Safari
β€’ Fixed aspect ratio for Event thumbnails when resizing window
β€’ Fixed empty/blank updates to profile fields not reflecting on companion site profiles

  • Avatar of Scott Baldwin

    Great changes! Appreciate the events fixes too!

    Would still love to see an option where folks can indicate if they want to be in the directory or not. My thought is a profile field in Slack, default is on, option is turn off.

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof
    Zach Hawtof
    Β·Slack logo

    Scott Baldwin, I don’t promise this will be the route we’ll take for profile visibility, but I have some follow-up questions just in case it is.

    Today, profile fields cannot be boolean values, so what would you expect the profile field to be? Would the field be named profile-visibility? Just doing diligence so we can weigh our options on this ticket

  • Avatar of Scott Baldwin

    Stephen Cook

    We have a profile field today which uses selectable options. In this case Yes or No. Example attached.

    I was thinking we might be able to use that field type, user selected, to drive the preference for the user.

    Overall, anything user related, I'd prefer to be in the hands of users, not us, especially when that information is PII.

  • Avatar of Zach Hawtof
    Zach Hawtof
    Β·Slack logo

    It makes sense. I’ll have to ponder a bit more how it could work architecturally