Tightknit Release Notes: Companion Site Customization and New Features (May 15, 2024)

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Release Notes_May-15.png

Tightknit Release Notes (May 15, 2024)

Companion Site Customizability
We've been making huge strides on our Events Promotion platform (stay tuned for more!), but today's RN will be featuring the new settings you can use to customize your companion site!
• For the navigation sidebar, you are now able to enable or disable the Leaderboard, Directory, and Events List pages individually. This toggle is under the admin settings for each component.
• Under the Feed settings, you also have the option to hide individual Feeds from the navigation sidebar. There is now a separate toggle to disable SEO for the Feed and its posts.
• For the Home page, you are able to enable or disable several component, including the mini-Leaderboard and Feeds Tile Menu list. These toggles are under the Home Page settings.

One more thing! We've started our Gamification pilot program. If you're interested in participating, please react with a 🧶.

• Added new admin section for configuring Webhooks, which can be used as endpoints in other Tightknit modules such as events registration
• The /members parent route has been split into the /leaderboard and /directory routes
• Added ability to enable/remove pages and routes for: Events List, Leaderboard, Directory
• Added ability to toggle visibility for certain Home Page components
• Renamed "site slug" to "subdomain" for clarity
• Updated OpenGraph (og) images generated for Feed pages and Post detail pages
• Updated Events cover image aspect ratio to 16:9
• If an error occurs for an admin with a user-facing message but cannot be shown in a modal, the error message is sent instead as a private DM

• Fixed invalid site links in the Event admin-approval request notification
• Fixed names of Feeds with emojis not appearing in list on app home