Tightknit Platform Update: Companion Site Now Optional

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Release Notes_April-25-2024.png

Tightknit Release Notes (April 25, 2024)

Companion Site is No Longer Required
The companion site doesn't always make sense for everyone's use case. That's why we've been working on separating the companion site from the Tightknit community. What does this mean for you? The companion site is now an optional module within the Tightknit platform. Just want to use Tightknit for its features within Slack? You're now free to do so! During the setup flow you will see an option to skip the site setup step if you don't want it (but for most people we think you will 😉).

• For communities without a companion site, the admin will no longer see/have the ability to use site-related features such as: Create/Edit/Delete Post shortcuts, Site settings, Feeds, Profiles, dedicated landing page for Events
• Faster action on Event drafts: when creating a new Event, Tightknit will automatically save a draft in the background and bring the user to a preview panel. The admin or champion user will have the option to the immediately Publish or Submit for Approval, respectively.
• Blog-type feeds changed from 3-column to 2-column format for large form factors

• Fixed responsiveness of Share button on mobile Post detail page