Effective Slack Invite Link Management Tips for Community Managers

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Zach Hawtof
February 20, 2024

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🔗 Slack Invite Links

If you maintain an open community and want to grow the community organically, you will at some point want to introduce Slack Invite Links. These links allow your prospective new community members to join your community without invitation and self-service their own onboarding. You can find them in your Slack workspace dropdown pictured here.

However some caveats that catch every new community manager:
1. These links by default are set to expire after 30 days. We recommend setting these links to Never expires so you do not need to worry about updating the link on a time-based interval.
2. These links also have a limit of 400 new invites. After 400 new members have joined using this invite link, the link ceases to work! Our recommendation is twofold. (1) Provide a static link that redirects to your Slack Invite Link. Something along the lines of yourcommunity.example.com/join will do. (2) Every 400 new members, you’ll want to switch out this link with a new invite link.
💡Tightknit actually offers a feature that helps solve some of these problems. We give you a static URL, track new invites, and warn you when you’re at 300, 350, and 400 new members. Here is documentation to learn more and if you’d like to get started today, please reach out or set up a demo.