Introducing Tightknit Events: Community Engagement Made Easy

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Release Notes_April-8.png

Tightknit Release Notes (April 8, 2024)

Tightknit Events (Closed Beta)
Events are an integral part of the online community experience, offering unique opportunities for engagement and fostering a sense of connection amongst your participants. Today, we are excited to unveil Events on Tightknit!

Using the Tightknit /events shortcut, you can draft, announce, and manage upcoming events for your workspace. Designate high-performing users as Champions that can create events and submit them for approval. Manage your announcements across multiple channels that are dynamically updated each time you make an edit. And don't forget you have an awesome landing page on the companion site which you can share to your socials! Tightknit can serve as your end-to-end events solution just as well as it can be used to promote your external virtual events on platforms such as Bevy, Luma, and more.

Many more features are coming down the pipe. Interested in joining the Events beta program? Give us a 🧶 or comment on this post, and we’ll reach out!

• Fixed bug where setting the Tightknit Hub channel would fail if none was set prior