Tightknit Release Notes: Onboarding Guided Setup and New Features

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Release Notes_March-21-2024.png

Tightknit Release Notes (March 21, 2024)

Onboarding Guided Setup
The past couple weeks we were in a release moratorium while preparing for our TDX presentation, but we’re back with a vengeance! I am happy to introduce our guided flows for setting up your Tightknit communities.

We received a lot of feedback around the original modal-based creation flow. It was confusing, there were too many settings and checkboxes, and it wasn’t clear what the next steps were. So we added a more conversational guided setup flow: click the Launch Guided Setup or New Channel buttons to kickstart a chat with our app bot. The bot will explain each setup step and recommend next actions. Your job should be as simple as clicking a Yes or No!

Many of you were already onboarded using an early version of the flow. Thank you for your feedback, and continue to send more our way as we improve this feature! Please tell us about your experiences in Feedback

• The Tightknit app will post a notification in associated the channel when a Feed is first created (unless the Tightknit bot was muted)
• Increased similarity index requirement for AI related discussions recommendations
• Added ability for admin to configure which channel is used as the Tightknit Hub notifications channel
• Admins in workspaces where channel creation permissions are restricted can now initially set the Tightknit Hub to be a private channel of their choice

• Fixed display format of Home and Feed page banners to scale with the window width
• Improved Feed performance by changing how Comments are calculated